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Dave’s different … I know, everyone says that!
Over the past 35 years I’ve personally bought and sold millions of dollars in Real Estate as an Investor in Georgia, Alabama and Florida.
Now you’ve got to admit, no matter what your perception of an Investor, they always seem to know how to sell at the highest and buy at the lowest prices. The intense training to be a licensed Realtor®, coupled with the training to become a successful investor, gives me a perspective that very few others can bring to your real estate transactions.
Quiet simply, what this means is that when I work for you, whether you’re a  Seller or a Buyer, my goal and top priority is to always help you get the very best deal I can honestly, legally, and ethically get for you.
Whether you’ve bought properties before, or are a first time Buyer, your home can be the single biggest investment you’ll ever make! Both in Money and Time …
Plowing your way through each twist and turn in the process can prove to be tricky and full of “mine-fields”.  (STRESSFUL and OVERWHELMING comes to mind!)
By having the right “Pro” to pave your way and help you maneuver to a successful outcome, your experience will instead be Pleasant, Successful and Stress-Free.
Choosing me as your agent will put you in the position to get the exact outcome you want …
Selling a house in a “hot market” can be as simple as driving a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the front yard … but, that’s all changed. In today’s market, it demands a lot more.
There are many more homes on the market for sale, a great number more than there are Buyers. It’s now a “Buyer’s Market”. What this means is, homes must be properly marketed and properly priced to be sold, and then properly negotiated all the way through to the “closing”.
My experience and “bull-headed” tenacity can make all the difference in your buying or selling experience … plus save you money.
I clearly understand that bad things happen to good folks. 
You may have faced trying economic situations that were beyond your control.  
Experience really counts when it comes to helping owners stuck in a quandary on how to avoid losing their home. Having the knowledge to successfully negotiate with the bank for a lower payoff on your mortgage, I will be able to help you sell your home in a reasonable timeframe.
Then you’ll be set to move on with your life.
As a retired US Army Sergeant Major, I believe in “takin’ care of the troops” as all good sergeants know!   I can assure you, it’s a lesson I never forget …
 I am honored to be allowed to help our Military families, whether moving in or moving out of the Columbus/Ft. Benning area. Moving is always an emotional and stressful event ... Please allow me to serve you, as your guide, through this turbulent time.
Civilians will also value my “takin’ care of the troops” approach as well in solving their real estate challenges. 
Choose the BEST!
 I solve problems…one house at a time!